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How to identify counterfeit glutaraldehyde

Since its inception in 1951, glutaraldehyde has become one of the most effective and widely used chemical molecules in the world.

 This versatile fungicide has a wide range of utility for microbiological control in industrial facilities, including high levels of disinfection of medical equipment dedicated to the healthcare industry, oilfields and cooling circulating water, as well as disinfection of poultry farms and pig farms And so on a number of applications.

After more than 60 years of market validation, glutaraldehyde from the various types of fungicide products stand out for the customer to bring a lot of microbial control performance advantages, it is easy to biodegradable and does not contain formaldehyde, but also a non-carcinogenic Sex, non-residue, and non-bioaccumulative products.

Unfortunately, its success also led to the inflow of many non-pure glutaraldehyde mixture into the market, "fake glutaraldehyde" products, including formaldehyde and glyoxal, including other ingredients.

  In particular, formaldehyde is a well-known carcinogen, although glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde are aldehydes, but the chemical and toxicological properties of the two are different; pure glutaraldehyde does not contain formaldehyde, nor degradation And produce formaldehyde. Such adulterated products not only allow customers to buy the product when the cost may be higher than the actual value of the product 50% -200%, but also become the cause of environmental, health and safety problems of the culprit.

Dow Chemical is one of only two glutaraldehyde producers in the world. To ensure that customers buy what they really need glutaraldehyde products, rather than only contain a small amount or no glutaraldehyde, but known as glutaraldehyde mixed products, Dow microbial control technology business started a name (GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE) is a comprehensive education promotion program designed to help customers distinguish between genuine glutaraldehyde and counterfeit products and to help them gain a better understanding of the various performance advantages of glutaraldehyde.

 As part of a comprehensive education outreach program, Dow has labeled a special 'formaldehyde-free' label for the various glutaraldehyde products produced to help customers identify genuine glutaraldehyde products so that they do not counterfeit the product ' Customers promise that they are buying genuine valproaldehyde, rather than the value of low fake and shoddy products.

 At the same time, pure glutaraldehyde exclusive website also came into being (www.Glutaraldehyde.com.cn). The site provides a wealth of well-developed pure glutaraldehyde-related information from Dow, including: "pure glutaraldehyde cost calculator" to help customers understand the actual value of mixed products, to ensure that customers buy and use pure glutaraldehyde concise guidelines , Glutaraldehyde development milestones, and other valuable information.

Only use pure glutaraldehyde in order to benefit from its superior performance.

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