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Energy market is expected to pick up


February energy product prices "mixed". According to the business community monitoring, February commodity prices rose in the list of energy plate prices rose a total of 14 kinds of goods, the first three commodities were asphalt (70 #) (8.91%), naphtha (6.33%), Methanol (5.15%). The price of the chain of goods decreased by 11 species, the first three products were coke (-10.49%), coking coal (coal) (- 3.88%), diesel (-2.02%).

Businessman Energy Branch senior analyst Li Wenjing pointed out that the February energy market prices as a whole show "up more or less" situation, the specific performance of "oil red coal green." Coal products in addition to anthracite prices, the other product prices are down; oil industry chain, although some product prices fell, but little decline. There are two main factors that cause this phenomenon: on the one hand, after 2017, WTI oil prices have been in the 50 US dollars / barrel ~ 54 US dollars / barrel range within a narrow range, February crude oil price trend is still weak, the trend of anxious. Crude oil prices so that the overall energy market pressure, coupled with the February and March is the end of the demand for refined oil market terminal, while the domestic oil market, the overall stock pressure is too large, the excess supply of resources is still continuing, refining and the main unit Sales pressure is difficult to ease. On the other hand, since February coking coal prices continued weakness, the main origin prices have different degrees of decline. Although the end of the Lantern Festival demand for eye-catching performance, but under the suppression of environmental protection under the relatively large start, especially in the coking plant there is a general limit production behavior, which to some extent hindered the demand from bottom to top conduction. At the same time, the downstream of the postganglionic season into the inventory, which further enlarged the short-term supply and demand surplus, leading to coal prices fell.

Into March, the international crude oil, business editor Liu Xin Tian pointed out that crude oil this "balance" or will be broken, March crude oil prices are expected to break through, higher probability, the new "ceiling" will rise to 60 US dollars / barrel.

Black coal products, Li Wenjing said, by the two security efforts to upgrade and environmental supervision, security checks and other multiple effects, coal production process is slow, coal production is still low, while the downstream factory operating rate gradually rebounded to normal levels, Power plant daily consumption continued to rise, while stocks are still in a downward trend, short-term there are still replenishment needs. On the whole, it is expected that the price of thermal coal before the end of the heating season is still steady. At present, the national coking coal market showed a stable and weak operating situation, the downward trend has not changed. As the downstream coking plant to crack the intention of coking coal, some coal enterprises are still brewing in early March price cuts. But taking into account the coke market in March will gradually stabilize and the steel market continues to improve, the late coking coal market price adjustment space is relatively limited, the duration will not be too long.

Alcohol market, Li Wenjing is expected in March, the overall price of domestic methanol or shock-based, the average price or 2850 yuan / ton. Short-term market environmental protection inspection of continuous fermentation, the demand situation is difficult to change. In the late, with the advent of methanol spring season, the current weak trading environment is expected to improve, the price trend or Xianyihouyang. "March energy market upside probability is larger, but the increase will not be too big, or show the former low after the high trend." Li Wenjing that.

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