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Green manufacturing can not "rely on to"

The Ministry of Industry and Industry recently introduced the "Green Manufacturing Engineering Implementation Guide (2016 - 2020)" clearly stated: compared with 2015, key industries, major pollutants emission intensity decreased by 20%, industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of 73%, part of the heavy Industrial resource consumption and emissions reached a peak, above the scale of industrial added value of energy consumption decreased by 18%. Obviously, from the reality gap and time cycle point of view, to complete the objectives and tasks is not easy.

  If the characteristics from the industry to be considered more easily found: these indicators are closely related with the chemical industry, occupy a very high weight of the petrochemical and chemical industry has become the main force to practice green manufacturing. But for chemical companies, in the process of promoting green manufacturing really as a good protagonist, need to abandon the "wait to rely on" ideas and behavior.

  A bogey "and so on" is the attitude of thinking, action "with the flow." In a considerable number of enterprises seem, we are almost standing on the same starting line, with the same production technology, similar production equipment, similar product grades, almost the level of pollutant emissions, so the initiative to implement green manufacturing is not Anxious, which led to the existence of most enterprises "wait and see" lazy thinking.

  In fact, this is a deviation from the green manufacturing experience. In reality, the pursuit of green manufacturing as early as the early benefit of the examples too numerous to mention. For example, in recent years, the downturn in the nitrogen fertilizer industry, some decisive out of the traditional process, take the initiative to choose CWS continuous gasification and other advanced technology enterprises, have achieved reborn transformation, the day is quite moist. Because the use of new technology, raw coal conversion rate increased to 98% or more, waste water, ammonia and other indicators far below the limits of emissions, while the cost per unit of product than the traditional process has more than 400 yuan advantage. Can be seen in the green manufacturing as a positive business will only benefit as soon as possible.

  Two bogey "rely on" is to rely on psychological weight, do not play a subjective initiative. The typical performance of such enterprises as gyro, by external forces to promote the number of kinetic energy to do much action; also rely on external persecution, its behavior and the situation closely linked. They often think that they are only commodity producers, lack of research and development power, for the production of other things do not care.

  It is understood that industrial emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust accounted for 90% of the total emissions, 70% and 85%, at this stage China has not yet get rid of high input, high consumption, high emission development, and resources and environmental carrying capacity Near the limit. Obviously, if there is no active participation of enterprises, is unable to complete the established goals on time. But in turn, in order to honor the social commitment, the management will also take strong measures to intervene, I believe that those who do not as a business will encounter risks. Therefore, enterprises should identify the general trend, ranging from not rely on, take the initiative to select clean raw and auxiliary materials, give priority to the use of clean energy, consciously adopt cleaner production methods, and actively add environmental protection facilities to achieve discharge standards.

  Three bogey "to", is keen to policy, to concessions, social responsibility is not strong. For a long time, the state in making major industry guidance and technology promotion, the general will be supplemented by policy tilt and financial support, so that the first practitioners profitable. However, it also allows some enterprises to develop a "hand to" the habit, do not give considerable benefits on the doom, their own social responsibility and fate as a foreign matter.

  It is the decisive factor in the survival and development of enterprises to realize the clean production and realize the green manufacturing. Which reminded those who have not yet alert the business: frequently to the policy, and not see the interests of the practice is not dangerous, so go on, the prospect of worrying, the outcome is also worrying.

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