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"Take all the way" building a good start


Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a major initiative to build the Silk Road economic zone and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, with the international community's high degree of concern and enthusiastic response. More than two years, "along the way" to promote the construction of smooth, made important progress, is gradually from the blueprint into reality.

First, the top design completed successfully. With the authorization of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "Vision and Action to Promote the Silk Road Economic Zone and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road". The completion of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of the local implementation of the program and the national planning of the convergence of work in an orderly manner to promote the implementation of various departments to implement the program, the preparation of a number of special projects such as scientific and technological cooperation.

Second, deepening cooperation consensus. "Along the way" construction and the Eurasian economic alliance, Mongolia "grassland road", Kazakhstan "bright road" and other convergence. China and Turkey, Poland and other countries signed about 30 countries to build "along the way" memorandum of understanding. To promote the construction of China-Central Asia-West Asia, China-Pakistan and Bangladesh-China-India-India Economic Corridor. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Xi Jinping President visited Pakistan during the signing of the project amounted to 30 billion US dollars. China and Indonesia in the 21st century, the effect of the Silk Road on the sea significantly, Yavan high-speed rail as a landmark project officially started.

Third, investment and trade flourish. Accelerate the international production capacity cooperation, China has signed with 10 countries international production cooperation agreement, Kazakhstan production cooperation agreement with a total investment of more than 23 billion US dollars. The old railway was officially started, the Sino-Thai railway project kick-off ceremony, Gwadar port and other major projects are coordinated to promote. Zhongbai Industrial Park, Sino-Indonesian Industrial Park, Sino-Kazakhstan Horgos International Border Cooperation Center and the construction of cross-border economic cooperation zone between China, Vietnam and China. Regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), China-ASEAN Free Trade Area upgrade negotiations progress smoothly.

  Fourth, the domestic parties are active action. Various departments generally established to promote the "one way along the road" construction work leading mechanism, the development of supporting measures. Customs "three cross" clearance reform covers the whole country. Special services in the "one way" construction of the 10 tax policy, animal and plant inspection and quarantine measures introduced. "Standard Unicom" along the way "action plan (2015-2017)" issued and implemented. Silk Road Fund launched a comprehensive operation, development banks, import and export banks along the line to further expand the business, financial support and security role continues to increase.

  2016, around the construction mechanism, playing the foundation of the main line, we will through a series of important initiatives to ensure that the work to a new level.

  First, to promote the construction of land and sea economic corridor. To infrastructure interconnection as the pilot, to international production capacity as the core, to industrial agglomeration area as a carrier, accelerate the construction of six international economic corridors. Work together to promote the construction of international ports, and actively develop the port industrial agglomeration area, promote marine economic cooperation. And actively promote the signing of a number of intergovernmental government to build "all the way" memorandum of understanding. Further improve the policy framework, and strive to China in the international competitive advantage, foreign demand for large equipment manufacturing and other key areas of cooperation to achieve a breakthrough.

  Second, co-ordinate a variety of domestic resources. Accelerate the preparation of cultural, educational and tourism cooperation and other special planning. Guide the region to actively participate in and integrate into the "area along the way" construction, focusing on creating the core of the Xinjiang Silk Road economic zone and Fujian in the 21st century, the core area of the Silk Road. Promote the Silk Road Fund, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to run effectively, continue to play the development of financial financing financial advantages.

  The third is to expand the full range of influence. The establishment of the EU-China railway transport, port clearance coordination mechanism, and jointly build a unified brand in the EU and China, the construction of communication inside and outside, connecting the East and West transport routes. In the relevant countries along the key logistics nodes to build a set of collection and distribution center. Strengthen the "area along the way" soft power construction.

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