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National "thirteen" energy-saving emission reduction to determine the four directions

First, unswervingly promote energy saving. Strengthen the standards and policy constraints, with green "ruler" to promote production capacity, develop and publish "energy-saving monitoring measures", organize energy consumption standards to carry out special energy-saving monitoring, to promote the steel, coal industry to resolve excess capacity. Urging the key areas and cities to do a good job of coal reduction and total control, issued "on the 2016 annual coal consumption reduction to replace the relevant work notice", Baoding and other 10 cities as the key cities of air pollution control, Beijing And other 10 cities listed as air pollution control early warning city. Expand the scope of energy efficiency leader, the release of household refrigerators, flat-panel TVs, adjustable speed room air conditioning energy efficiency leader products. Improve the energy efficiency labeling system, clear 35 product energy efficiency labeling implementation rules. Promote decentralization, promote energy conservation law, the energy assessment by the pre-assessment to pre-evaluation. Organized the twenty-sixth national energy-saving publicity week. To promote international energy efficiency cooperation, the development of "G20 energy efficiency lead action plan", held the International Energy Efficiency Partnership (IPEEC) Twelfth Policy Committee meeting.

     Second, vigorously develop the circular economy. Promote the construction of circular economy pilot, through the competitive way to determine the 18 park to implement the cycle of transformation demonstration, to carry out kitchen waste recycling and harmless treatment, the national "urban mineral" demonstration base and other pilot acceptance. Issued "on accelerating the development of agricultural circular economy guidance", establish and improve the development of circular economy to meet the requirements of the policy support system. To carry out the "second five" plan straw comprehensive utilization of the final assessment, in-depth understanding of the national comprehensive utilization of straw progress. Deepen the work of water conservation, issued the "leader in the implementation of water efficiency action to implement the program" in the field of industrial, agricultural and domestic water in full swing in the selection of the leader, to promote contract water conservation management.

     Third, do a good job of pollution control. Speed up the promotion of pollution third-party governance, in conjunction with the relevant departments approved the consent of the three provinces and municipalities in Beijing and other third-party environmental pollution pilot implementation of the pilot program, organized "on the coal-fired power plants to speed up the implementation and regulation of third-party governance guidance" propaganda meeting. Issued the "on the Yangtze River golden waterway environmental pollution control and control of the guidance", clear the Yangtze River water pollution control and ecological protection and restoration of the general idea, the main objectives, specific tasks and so on. (Second batch) "to further standardize the clean production audit procedures to guide the implementation of cleaner production in key industries." Cleaner production audit system "and" Cleaner Production Evaluation Index System System "(second batch) With the relevant departments to develop issued "Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan", put forward the soil pollution prevention and control of the ten key measures.

     Fourth, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization. To the CPC Central Committee and State Council reported "on the establishment of a unified norms of the national ecological civilization test area" and "National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone (Fujian) implementation plan", has been fully deepened reform of the leading group of the twenty-fifth meeting of the review and approval The In conjunction with the relevant departments issued the "on the strengthening of resources and environmental protection of the ecological red line of guidance", called for the establishment of energy resources, water resources, land resources consumption ceiling, strict gas, water, soil environmental quality bottom line, delineation of ecological protection red line. In conjunction with the relevant departments issued the "on the promotion of green consumption guidance", focus on cultivating green consumption concept, to guide the green lifestyle and consumption patterns, increase the supply of green products and services, the establishment of long-term mechanism of green consumption. Ecological civilization, the first demonstration of a smooth advance, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guizhou and other places have been summed up some of the initial experience can be copied to promote.

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