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Ministry of Environmental Protection to implement industrial pollution sources comprehensive dischar

Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued "on the implementation of industrial pollution sources comprehensive discharge plan notice", to the end of 2017 to complete the iron and steel, thermal power, cement and other industries over the rectification task of eight industries, the implementation of the eight industry standards achieved remarkable results At the end of 2020, all kinds of industrial pollution sources will continue to be discharged.

  Implementation of the standard discharge plan

  According to reports, the standard plan will select the large amount of sewage production, has developed the industry pollutant discharge standards, or issued a sewage permit industry priority implementation. To this end, plans to develop a standard emission schedule.

  The plan requires that the local environmental protection departments in the end of June 2017 before the focus on the organization of iron and steel, thermal power, cement, coal, paper, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment plants, waste incineration plant 8 industries to carry out pollutant emissions assessment and reported to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. 2017 by the end of the year to complete the eight industries over the rectification task. 2018 before the end of the completion of the remaining sectors of pollutant emissions assessment and reported. By the end of 2020, all kinds of industrial pollution sources continue to maintain discharge standards, environmental management system is more sound, environmental law-abiding become normal.

  In order to implement the objectives and requirements, the Notice shall clearly investigate the emission situation of industrial pollution sources, intensify the excessive discharge and rectification efforts, strengthen the enforcement of environmental supervision and law enforcement, and curb malicious acts such as stealing and stealing, and standardize and strengthen the operation and supervision of online monitoring , The implementation of excessive pollution combined disciplinary, and comprehensively promote the information disclosure, increase policy support, and further improve the pollutant discharge standard system 9 aspects of the task.

 The Notice also emphasizes the safeguards required to implement the objectives. The provincial environmental protection departments to organize the development of the administrative area of the standard plan and the implementation of the annual plan to urge the municipal and county levels of the people's government to effectively implement the environmental protection system to promote the smooth implementation of compliance plans; require all localities to do with the convergence of pollution permit reform, The implementation of the sewage permit licensing and implementation of the work plan to implement the standard; require all localities to stealing and stealing, data fraud, abnormal operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, serious discharge and other environmental violations focus on exposure, timely public investigation results.

  Related enterprises benefit

   Data show that industrial production is one of the main sources of pollution, sulfur dioxide emissions accounted for 88.1%, nitrogen oxides accounted for 67.6%, especially industrial emissions of toxic and hazardous substances, greater damage to human health. It is estimated that if the existing industrial pollution sources are able to achieve stable discharge standards, the main pollutant emissions can be reduced by about 40%.

  According to the relevant plan, will implement the industrial pollution source comprehensive discharge plan, and industrial pollution sources as a comprehensive discharge of 25 national ecological and environmental protection one of the major projects. Deadline for the transformation of 500,000 tons of coal-fired boilers, industrial park sewage treatment facilities. The national prefecture-level and above urban completion of the basic phase out of 10 tons of coal-fired coal boilers to complete the coal-fired boiler desulfurization and denitrification dust transformation, steel industry sintering machine desulfurization transformation, the cement industry denitrification transformation. For steel, cement, flat glass, paper, printing and dyeing, nitrogen, sugar and other industries can not be stable compliance of the enterprises one by one to transform. Resettlement Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Facilities.

  The plan announced that all industrial pollution sources should be included in the scope of online monitoring, through the Ministry of Environmental Protection Pollution Monitoring Center platform for the above eight industries to carry out electronic supervision of enterprises to improve the reliability of online monitoring data, the quarter to the community announced a serious excessive List of companies. At the same time, the plan will vigorously promote the development of environmental services, encourage third-party "green housekeeper" to provide monitoring, supervision, environmental protection facilities construction operations, pollution control and other integrated services and solutions.

  Analysts believe that the implementation of industrial pollution sources in full compliance with the plan, the industrial enterprises will form a rigid pollution control, good industrial wastewater, waste gas treatment-related enterprises, environmental monitoring, third-party management enterprises will also form a positive.

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