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Number of recruits:

(A) the number: 18 people

Among them: machine, electricity, instrument 2 people

Marketing 2 people

Analysis test 4 people

Workshop operator 10 people

(B) require:

1, secondary school graduates or more

2, male, female

3, chemical professional, automation and other related professional;

4, good health, facial features correct, diligent studious;

5, good conduct, no bad habits, no evil;

6, can be hard-working, there is professionalism.

Third, the salary:

New staff 1-3 months internship: internship salary: 2800 yuan / month, month by month, after the internship can be independent posts in accordance with the post wage standards. The above positions are in Dongying Kehong Chemical Co., Ltd. to work.

Fourth, the benefits:

1, Branch Hong company built dormitory, free accommodation;

2, free of charge for the staff to provide all kinds of training;

3, the company bathroom, room, recreation room free of charge for employees;

4, the company according to the provisions of the distribution of labor insurance supplies, statutory holidays to release benefits;

5, all personnel signed a labor contract to pay five insurance;

6, shuttle bus.

Fifth, contact:

Zibo Kewei Chemical Co., Ltd. E-mail: kewei@keweichem.cn

Office Tel: 0533-7877207

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