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Zibo Kewei Chemical Co., Ltd

Is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province Qilu Chemical Industry Park Fine Chemical Industry Park, south of Qilu Petrochemical Company, north of Jiaoji Railway, Shandong Province, "the contract, the word" business. Company employees 75 people, including college education and engineering staff of 31 people, accounting for 36% of the total number of employees; have their own R & D team and research and development laboratories, directly engaged in technology development and new product development staff of 13 people, Including two senior engineers, engineers, eight people, with strong independent research and development capabilities.

Companies to promote people-oriented management philosophy, attention to all aspects of the introduction of talent, training, focus on scientific and technological innovation, is committed to science and technology enterprises. Company independent research and development of tert-butyl phenol, in 2007 by the Office of Science and Technology of Shandong Province experts to identify, to fill the gaps, product performance and technical level reached the international advanced level, its production technology by the national patent.

The company pursues "to provide customers with the best products and services," the purpose of efforts to develop domestic and foreign markets, has with the United States International Flavors and Fragrances, South Korea ADEKA companies and other foreign customers to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations, products and after-sales service by domestic and foreign customers The wide recognition and approval, mutual benefit and win cooperation to further strengthen.


The company pursues "to provide customers with the best products and services," the purpose

core values

The company's core values are rooted in our hearts deep core beliefs, is Kewei come to today's internal motivation, it is our future commitment to the future. It ensures that we provide customers with effective service in a consistent manner.

Achievements to customers

Customer service is the only reason for the existence of Kewei, customer demand is the driving force behind the development of Kewei. We adhere to customer-centric, rapid response to customer needs, continuing to create long-term value for customers and customers. To provide effective service to customers, is the direction of our work and the value of the evaluation of the scale, the achievements of customers is the achievements of our own.

Hard work

We do not have any scarce resources can rely on, only hard work to win the respect and trust of customers. Struggling is reflected in any tiny activity that creates value for the customer, as well as the effort to improve yourself in the process of preparing the labor. We adhere to the struggle for the people, so that the struggle to get a reasonable return.


Bit by bit cast success, work together to create brilliant.

Focus on customer concerns and pressures to provide competitive solutions and services.

Continue to create the greatest value for customers.

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